Loss of a love done

Loss of a Loved One

 The loss of a loved one is always devastating, particularly when the passing is sudden or was brought about on account of a tragic incident. Those who are left behind end up going through a painful process termed grieving. The act of grieving is fairly common as it can be a phase people go through to come to terms with the loss of a loved one and learn to move on.

coping with loss of a loved one

The grieving process for the loss of a loved one commonly has five concentrations. The first is denial where people are unable to accept the fact of loosing a loved one. They cannot believe that death has occurred and they would never see the other person again. They are oftentimes with shock or in disbelief upon hearing the news about have an effect on a loved one. The second stage, meanwhile, is frustration. There is anger since person questions why the affected individual survived while the other person didn't. The person may additionally question what else could have been done to prevent the death within their loved one. The next stage is bargaining. Within bargaining, people negotiate with fate to have more time with the one who died. This often leads to frustration since person knows that one cannot reverse the time and prevent have an effect on a loved one. The fourth stage is unhappiness. This is when the person is forced to experience intense emotions and ocean of despair. As a result, the person does not function normally in your house or at work, may withdraw from society, have trouble concentrating on tasks, have trouble asleep and eating, lose weight, and more. This is a dangerous stage because without the need of help and support, the person may lapse into a much more prolonged period of substantial or major depression known as clinical depression. The last stage is acceptance. With acceptance, the person is able to resolve his or her grief and accept have an effect on a loved one. They are then able to progress with life.

It is usually these five stages which comprise the grief period. During these stages, people exhibit a wide array of complicated emotions as they learn to cope with the loss of a loved one. It is a difficult time because it can be a painful and intensely emotional experience that is both mentally and in physical form draining. Recovery also does not happen overnight, that is why it will always be best to have a very good and supportive network of friends and relations to surround the grieving person.

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Loss of a loved one


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